mission statement


We pledge to develop and nurture a partnership by advocating and demonstrating technology and process control. It will always be our principal objective with products we promote to provide our customers with quality products, service and competitive pricing while maintaining the highest ethical business standards.


Since 1992, Northwest Industrial & Foundry Supply's focus has been providing customers with the best products to meet their evolving needs, coupled with the necessary training to achieve success.

NWIFS is also committed to supporting the American Foundry Society, with several team members having served on the board of the AFS Oregon Chapter.

"Success and growth in the foundry industry must begin with our youth -- it is critical to provide education and encouragement to ensure this industry continues to thrive."

                               - Jesse Larson, President

SALES team

Charley Wachsmuth

Technical Sales Manager

Karl Pavelic

Technical Sales Manager

Jesse Larson